I’m happy to share with you that from November the 1st, 2019 to March the 1st, 2020, I will present the art project DEbuilding, curated by Simona Ottolenghi, in a router by The wrong, the digital art biennale, 2019-2020!

These are some information about the router:

title of router: DEbuilding.ArtProject

curator name: Simona Ottolenghi 

artist name: Caterina Marchionne

location: Rome, Italy

DEbuilding: a project by Caterina Marchionne | Curated by Simona Ottolenghi


The DEBuilding project was born from the specific commission of its curator Simona Ottolenghi, who asked Caterina Marchionne to interpret the contemporary architecture in Rome, work of internationally renowned architects, who represent a new and little known face of the eternal City.

The shots were taken in various districts of the city, focused above all on projects completed in the new millennium, including the Maxxi, the Auditorium, the Città del Sole complex, the Settimia Spizzichino bridge and the Europarco Business Park, an ambitious project of a large business center, a sort of Defense Capitolina, located in the south quadrant close to the EUR district.

Following her inclination to transform reality into something different, and her predilection for the use of digital data corruption techniques, Caterina elaborated the source images by searching for an almost surreal visual experience of architectural works. Through contaminations, decompositions, deconstructions and graphic reworkings, an imaginary world emerges from Caterina’s works, in which buildings, static and fixed subjects, move freely, creating visual abstractions and creative visions.