Snap to Grid @LACDA

Snap to Grid @LACDA 12th Annual “Snap to Grid” – Open Exhibit. Opening reception tomorrow, Saturday 12th December 2015, from 19:00 to 21:00, for the “Snap to Grid” exhibition in Los Angeles, at the LACDA-Los Angeles center for digital art, where I will be exhibiting one of my photographs. The exhibition will run until 2nd January 2016. The LACDA is dedicated to the dissemination of all digital art forms, new media, digital video art, net art, digital sculpture, interactive multimedia and the hybrid forms of art and technology that represent a significant phase in contemporary artistic culture.

contest #MACROego

Through its website and social networks, the MACRO has launched a selfie – contest #MACROego within the context of the “EgosuperEgoalterEgo. Face and Body in Contemporary Art” exhibition at the MACRO museum from 27th November 2015 to 8th May 2016. The contest invites members of the public to post their selfies, thus becoming an active part of the exhibition itself. The first 100 selfies received (including mine), will be included on the cover of the exhibition’s catalogue (Palombi Editori) and in the invitation to the opening event. All selfies will be included in the exhibition for the entire duration of the …

Photissima Art Prize Torino 2015

Photissima Art Prize Turin 2015 My photograph “UNKNOWN TO MYSELF” was recognised as a finalist for the Photissima Art Prize Turin 2015 and will be exhibited from 20th November 2015 in Turin, at the MRF Space in the former DAI Warehouse at Corso Settembrini 164, at the Photocontainer event. Structured as a photographic fair and festival, the event will involve Italian and foreign galleries and photographers and will run until 20th December 2015.

Viaggio Fotografico and MM 2014 Project

Viaggio Fotografico, the association that organizes trips around the world (, has published an interesting article entitled “Tra la fotografia e l’arte contemporanea” – Viaggio in Fotoleggendo (“Between photography and contemporary art” – Journey into Fotoleggendo), where Rosalba Grassi describes her experience at Fotoleggendo 2015 and of the Mixed Media 2014 Project.

MM2014 Project|Progetto MM 2014

My photography entitled “Zero Gravità” (“Zero Gravity“) will be on display from Sunday, June 7, 2015 at the Gallerati Gallery, within the MM 2014 Project (Second Mixed Media Project Gallerati Gallery), Mixed technique contemporary art exhibit by Carlo Gallerati and Serena Silvestrini.